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Peili bowl collection- Rosehip & Salat set


Peili bowl collection- Rosehip & Salat set


Peili is an ideal bowl for serving.

The lid also functions as a plate and it comes in 5 different sizes, which can be put into each other for easy storage. 

It has a simple and clean design, and has won awards for its shape, color and function. 

Peile has a shine inside, which is where it gets its name - as Peili means mirroring in Finnish. 



What is a Hygge Home ?

“To only have things in your house that you know to be useful, believe to be beautiful or makes you smile when you look at them."

- I have personally found, that I love the quality pieces which I have selected with care, or which have been given to me for special occasions much more. My Kay Bojesen Monkey from when I was 12 years old, my favourite vase and hand-painted ornaments.

- This is my philosophy behind Hygge by Linda.

Quality products which you can enjoy again and again - iconic designs to keep for life and pass one, to help create your own Hygge Home ! 

Hygge by Linda

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